Voucher marketing is standard practice for national restaurant chains. Hospo CRM makes it easy for independent bars, restaurants and cafes to run those same offers - with the more important benefit of building a reusable database of customers at the same time.

Vouchers are included in all Hospo CRM plans

Build your customer database with EVERY new registration.

Special Offers

Offer discounts, deal of the day, or reward loyalty to boost sales during quiet months and days of the week. Launch a campaign in a few minutes from the library or create your own that your customers will love.

Launch a Special Offer NOW!

Creative Idea - Free Dessert

The perfect way to get customers back to your restaurant or cafe. Perfect for Mother’s day, Valentines day, Anniversaries, or select any one of the many special occasion days from the Hospo CRM calendar.

Select Customers

Targeting the right customers with your offer is essential for success. Use simple filters to select customers from the database tagged with interests that match your offer, or target customers you haven’t seen in a while to get them returning.

Issue vouchers

Send Invites

Create the invite to your promotional offer. Start from scratch or use one of the many predesigned templates, and customize it to match your brand. If you are using a campaign template there is even a prewritten invite to help you get started.

Customer registers for voucher

Customer Registrations

Customers register on your Hospo CRM registration page. Their details are added to your customer database and an email with the link to download their personalised voucher is sent.

Share With Friends

Here is where the magic happens. Your customers don’t want to redeem your promotional voucher alone - so we immediately prompt them to share the offer with their friends. They share your promotion on social media and via email. Your customer database is growing with every new registration.

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Alerts & Reporting

Promotions go viral quickly using Hospo CRM. To help with planning Hospo CRM sends you notifications and keeps you informed of all the numbers. You can allocate resources accordingly to offer the best possible customer experience.

Launch a special offer in minutes. Select a campaign from the library or create your own.

Launch a Special Offer NOW!

Need help setting up Promotions?

Let us help find an independent promotional specialist to work with you one on one. A specialist will set up your promotions for you, design and edit your promotional graphics, and even run your social media accounts to drive traffic to your promotions.

Find a Promotional Specialist