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Influencer Marketing for Cafes, Bars and Restaurants

Reward influencers, customers, staff or organisations for spreading the word to friends and fans of your bar, restaurant and café promotions. Run competitions or set goals that unlock rewards, prizes, or sponsorships.

Influencers are included in all Hospo CRM plans

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Influencer Marketing

Reward staff, individuals and organizations when they rally friends to attend events, and register for special offers. Rewards and competition prizes can range from freebies to bar tabs to cash rewards.

Set up Promoters Now

Creative Idea - Sports Clubs

Support community sports clubs and teams. Setup clubs as promoters. Provide sponsorship in return for clubs rallying friends and team mates to participate in after game events.

Add an Influencer Gig

Add a influencer gig and invite staff, influencers, or groups. Set measurable goals like bookings, attendances, or redemptions. Set a reward for the goal or set a prize for the group. Hospo CRM sends out the links for promoters to post on social media or include in club newsletters.

Influencers Share With Followers

As influencers share your promotions on social media, via email, and through club newsletters – each new customer as a result of their efforts is tracked and attributed to that promoter. Totals are kept so rewards or winners can be rewarded.

Customer registers

Customers Register

Customers register on your Hospo CRM registration page. Their details are added to your customer database and an email with the link to download their personalised ticket is sent.

Share With Friends

Here is where things can go crazy for promoters. As each newly registered customer reshares your promotion with their friends - promotions can go viral. Each registration is also attributed to the original promoter. Rewarding promoters for finding influencers that reshare your promotion.

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Alerts & Analytics

Promotions go viral quickly using Hospo CRM. To help with planning Hospo CRM sends you notifications and keeps you informed of all the numbers. You can allocate resources accordingly to offer the best possible customer experience.

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Launch an influencer marketing campaign, invite your own influencers, or reach out to our influencer community.

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Need help setting up Promotions?

Let us help find an independent promotional specialist to work with you one on one. A specialist will set up your promotions for you, design and edit your promotional graphics, and even run your social media accounts to drive traffic to your promotions.

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3 CRITICAL Steps to Reboot Your Business After the Doors Re-Open

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Get the FREE Guide
3 CRITICAL Steps to Reboot Your Business After the Doors Re-Open

Guide Reveals the 3 Critical Steps to Getting Customer Back Fast!