Easily run exclusive events and special VIP offers. Build exclusivity by limiting tickets to invited guests only. Require guests to RSVP to receive a ticket, appear on the door list, or to receive their special rewards.

RSVPs are included in all Hospo CRM plans

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RSVP Events

Run special promotional nights and events. Reward customer loyalty and build long lasting customer relationships. Limit reservations to selected customers – or allow customers to invite their friends to RSVP.

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Creative Idea - Halloween Party

Create an exclusive RSVP event - an excellent way build a crowd. Award spot prizes for best costume. Create a special Halloween drinks menu. Make it exclusive with limited RSVP only registrations.

Select Customers

Inviting the right customers to a promotion is essential to an offer being successful. Use simple filters to select customers from the database tagged with interests that match your promotion, or have attended a similar promotion in the past.


Send RSVPs

Create the invite to your promotional offer. Start from scratch or use one of the many predesigned templates, and customize it to match your brand. If you are using a campaign template there is even a prewritten invite to help you get started.

Rsvp invitation

Customer RSVP

Customers RSVP on your Hospo CRM event registration page. Their details are added to your customer database and an email with the link to download their personalised ticket is sent.

Share With Friends

Here is where the viral magic happens. Your customers don't want to attend your event alone so we immediately prompt them to share your event with their friends. They share your promotion on social media and via email. Your customer database is growing with every new registration.

RSVP reporting

Alerts & Reporting

Promotions go viral quickly using Hospo CRM. To help with planning Hospo CRM sends you notifications and keeps you informed of all the numbers. You can allocate resources accordingly to offer the best possible customer experience.

Launch an event in minutes. Select one from the Event Database or create your own.

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Use Promoters to Market Your Event

Support local sports and community clubs when they rally others to attend your events. Hospo CRM tracks which individuals or clubs are responsible for registrations. Rewards or deals can be granted when specific goals are reached.

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