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Learn how bars and restaurants are using Hospo CRM to build valuable relationships and creating targeted promotions that their customers love.

Midday Lunch Service Promotion

Case Study:
Midday Lunch Service

Let’s get down to the numbers! Read how this small restaurant turned around a very slow midday lunch service. The actual costs, the actual returns, and their plans for the future.

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Rugby World Cup Promotion

Case Study:
Rugby World Cup

Rugby is part of the culture in New Zealand. Read how this bar turned a not so ideal situation into a gold mine using a very simple Hospo CRM promotion.

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Meet A few of our Happy Users

Susane Karin review

Alex - Pegasus Arms

Christchurch, New Zealand

"We used Hospo CRM (then Tickamatic) for the 2014 FIFA world cup which was a great success for us. We have since run many other successful promotions and now use Hospo CRM in two of our other bars. It's easy to use and it really works. I highly recommend it!"

Susane Karin review

Graham - SOFO

Sydney, Australia

"We were one of the first users of Tickamatic and GetResponse. The new features and templates in Hospo CRM designed specifically for bars make it much easier. It's a great app that keeps getting better each year!"

Susane Karin review

Lucy - Union St Café

San Francisco, USA

"We originally signed up to Tickamatic to give away 5 free coffees each week! It was a huge success and got people returning and of course opening our emails. The new promotions in Hospo CRM look exciting. I can't wait to get started."

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3 CRITICAL Steps to Reboot Your Business After the Doors Re-Open

Guide Reveals the 3 Critical Steps to Getting Customer Back Fast!