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Return On Investment

Read how bars, restaurants and cafes are achieving five and six figures in additional profits with less than a $100 per month investment.

The Best ROI - Hands Down!

Bar owners already know the value of good relationships. Marketing experts have been saying the same thing in a different way for years - "The money is in the list!" The principle is the same. With Hospo CRM build a list of loyal guests you can reach out to. Reward them regularly. Connect with your guests frequently, and offer them weekly reasons to return. Nurture and grow your guest relationships.

Return on investment calculation
Guest List 10,000

Imagine having a list of over 10,000 guests you could reach out to any day of the week to personally invite to an event at your venue.

5% Response Rate 500

Imagine if only 5% of that list responded.

50% Conversion Rate 250

What if only HALF of those 5% actually turned up.

Average Spend $30

What if they each spent $50 or $60? What about $40, or even just $30?

Additional Revenue $7.5k

That’s still over $7k in additional revenue for only 5 minutes of your time.

Annual $100k+ per year

What if you could do that 10 times a year? What about every month? Every other week?

"The average Hospo CRM promotion costs nothing but 20 minutes of your time - yet the returns can be tens of thousands of dollars per year!"

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3 Critical Steps To Reboot Your Business After Covid-19

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3 CRITICAL Steps to Reboot Your Business After the Doors Re-Open

Get the FREE Guide that reveals the 3 critical steps to getting customer back fast!

Get the FREE Guide
3 CRITICAL Steps to Reboot Your Business After the Doors Re-Open

Guide Reveals the 3 Critical Steps to Getting Customer Back Fast!