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Invite with RSVP

Setup Promos for Cafes, Bars, and Restaurants in Minutes

Offer Coupons, Tickets, RSVPs to an event, or run your own Groupon style promotion in under 20 minutes. Reward loyal customers and get noticed by new customers!


Done For You Services

Just want it done for you? No problem. We have a growing network of promo specialists that can setup and run all your campaigns without breaking the bank!

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Promotion Software Built Specifically for Cafés, Bars and Restaurants

Hospo CRM allows you to setup promotions for Cafés, Bars, Clubs and Restaurants in minutes. The many different promotional tools, and customer relationship management features in every Hospo CRM plan.


Email out invites to events, or even just to tell people what’s happening this month at your bar.


Set limits on the event or promotion and have guests register and commit to attending.



Ticketed events have amazing turnout. Have guests register for a ticket and tell friends.


Voucher promotions are an easy way to build your list or get people back in the bar.


The most important component of Hospo CRM - used to build long term valuable customer relationships!


Keep customers up on what’s happening. Quickly send updates to specific groups of customers.


Offer support to clubs and individuals when they help spread the word of your promotions.


Get started immediately with easy to customize campaigns and promotional templates.

Quickly Create Campaigns Customers Will Love

With the entire Hospo CRM promotional tool chest at your disposal - you have the ability to build fun and exciting promotions that your customers will love. Grow repeat business, and build long lasting customer relationships.


Special Events

From Valentines Day to Mothers Day. There is always a reason to hold an event. Send out invites with RSVPs, and offer a promotional special to your loyal customers.


Targeted Offers

Identify customers that haven’t been in for several weeks. Target them with a special offer that will have them returning to your bar or restaurant.



Keep customers engaged with your emails. Give away 10 free coffee vouchers every Monday morning in your weekly lunch specials newsletter.

Invites with RSVP

Deal of the Day

Heading into a quite period? Send out a Deal of the Day offer. Run your own Groupon type promotions and offer a limited number of discounted deals to the first that register.

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Market Like a Rock star!

Hospo CRM’s easy to use templates makes your bar marketing look like a million dollars. Unlike other marketing services, Hospo CRM promotions are super simple to setup and very affordable, which means bar owners can add 5 and even 6 figures of additional revenue with minimal resources.

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Launch Promotions in 5 Minutes

Designed specifically for busy bar owners - Hospo CRM gets the job done in 3 simple steps.

Select a Promotional Event

Select a Promotional Event

Choose an event from the database or add your own!

Make it Look Great

Make it Look Great

Upload some pics, and customise your promotion!

Send the Invites

Send the Invites

Select customers and send the invites!

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MORE Bums on Seats!

Hospo CRM’s super simple promotional tools were built with the singular purpose to get more bums on seats. Designed specifically for bar owners, Hospo CRM makes it easy to implement promotions that significantly grow bar revenues.

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Build Customer Loyalty

With Hospo CRM’s extensive database of events to choose from – you will never be short on ideas or help, to run promotions aimed at getting guests back through the door again and again.

Learn About Vouchers

Read how other bars and restuarants are growing their business with fun creative promotions.

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Boost Sales Quickly!

With Hospo CRM's super quick setup you can turn around quiet weeks in minutes. At the drop of a hat reach out to your guests with a promotion that will have them charging your door.

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Get more Bums on Seats in your Café, Bar or Restaurant TODAY!

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