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LEAN is not a diet :)

The most critical tool every digital nomad needs to use daily!

This is the most CRITICAL lesson any entrepreneur, solopreneur, online business owner, freelancer, digital nomad NEEDS TO LEARN and practice .... DAILY!


The LEAN way of doing things
It’s a thing called LEAN – lol and no it’s not a diet. :)

It’s a really cool way of building something fast and learning early.

It is based on the idea of CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT which basically means ....

Build something fast, try it out, learn from it, improve on it and start over!

The steps are:


You start with an idea. A question or even a hunch. You might want to know if your new info product or sales email or product will be a success so you make a SUPER SIMPLE plan to build the most basic first version of your idea. If it’s a book idea – you might start with an synopses. If it’s a info product you might start with a survey. The point is start with the first smallest step.


Now you execute or build that one thing fast. In the case of a digital nomad it might be a sales email, a landing page, a website, or even an info product. The point is to build it fast. Don’t wait until it’s perfect. Done is better than perfect!


The next phase is measure, or as I prefer to think of it test. Put your first version out there and get feedback. Ask questions. Track results. Gather as much information as you can during each test phase.


Now examine your feedback, your results, your analytics – and use it to learn. Learn what worked and didn’t work. Consider what needs additional development, what to abandon, and what is working!


Now return to the PLAN stage with your new insights and improve your first version by planning and building a further improved product, sales email, website, or whatever. Repeat the process over and over. Hence the idea of continuous improvement.


The result is you will get something to market quicker. You will learn faster, and you don’t need to wait days or even weeks before you can get started. It’s a journey of continuous improvement lead by the people that are most important – your customers!

It’s helped me along the way. Instead of being fearful if something is ready or not. Just get it out there and learn.


Done is Better than Perfect
The saying goes DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT ... and that is exactly what LEAN is all about.

You PLAN then you BUILD then you TEST and then LEARN.

Just keep doing that with your projects and tasks each day and you will find it easier to take action. Easier to get more done. You will find you get to a solution quicker. And you will get results faster!

Don’t be hung up on PERFECT. Instead focus your mind on LEARNING. Running your next test.

And use what you learn to always improve ... and GO AGAIN :)


A great book on LEAN Methodology 
You can google “lean methodology” and you will find a heap of info on this. I personally love a book by Eric Ries titled "The Lean Startup" - I highly recommend you read it.

But in 500 words or less – this is my interpretation and use of it. Learn and use it - it will change your life!


Author: Julia O'Donnell

Julia O'Donnell  

Julia is a success coach, trainer, and contributor at Café Warrior. Café Warriors work from cafes and remote locations around the world providing a High Impact Service to cafes, bars, and restaurants. To learn more about joining the Café Warrior movement and achieve your digital nomad dream - download our free guide.

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