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Café Warriors |
Warriors are trained Hospo CRM Partners that provide a "Done for you Promotional Service" to cafes, bars and restaurants.

Mates with a bar ...

In 2014 we built an app for mates that owned a bar in Christchurch, New Zealand. It ran promotions that built a list which resulted in more revenues and frequently packed out events. It was a huge success!!

We were staggered by the success

Staggered by the success, we decided every bar, café and restaurant needs this! We spent several weeks on the phone calling bars and restaurants to find out if they would be interested in our product – and after 200+ calls we found that 9 out of 10 said YES! We knew we had something very exciting.

They wanted us to do it for them!!

So after a heap of work we launched our Hospo CRM app to the world... and NOTHING!! Turns out bars, cafes, and restaurant owners want the results – but they didn’t have the skill to do it themselves, they wanted us to do it for them.

We can't but you can

But we are a tech company. We can't setup and manage everyone's promotions. So we started the Café Warrior movement - the official Partner Program of Hospo CRM. We reached out to virtual assistants on LinkedIn asking if they would like to setup promotions for clients. They were happy to and our Café Warrior movement got started. This arrangement worked well for everyone.

Would you like your own successful online business?

If you have a desire to work your own hours from the comfort of your home, or remotely while travelling the world – then you should take a closer look at all the benefits that joining Cafe Warrior has to offer. Leverage our proven system and shortcut your way to online success. Download the guide to find out more.

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