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Run your own online business creating online campaigns for cafes, bars and restaurants

tell me more about being a café warrior...

We Provide the Training, Software and Even the Clients!

The Café Warrior program includes training on how to setup successful customer campaigns PLUS the software to setup campaigns fast. We even provide you the leads! You will be set up and earning in no time!

"Warriors run their own lucrative online businesses designing fun and creative campaigns for cafes, bars and restaurants."

With the action plan and expert training provided in the Hospo Academy, you will be signing clients and setting up winning customer acquisition and retention strategies for cafes, bars, and restaurants in no time! Delivering more bums on seats, and helping owners grow and retain more business!






The Café Warrior program provides you with the exact step-by-step training and support to transform your spare time into a profitable online business.

What's Included?

And there is heaps...

Self Paced Training

Both self paced video training and step by step guides that will walk you through the exact steps on setting up your social media profiles to maximize your success and business growth. Plus the exact training on how to use Hospo CRM and how to provide a expert customer acquisition service to your new clients.

Hospo CRM Partner Login

Agency Level access to Hospo CRM, our premier Hospitality CRM. With Hospo CRM you will setup beautiful, creative, fun campaigns that will dazzle clients. The step by step wizards and templates make it super simple to setup promos in minutes. Saving you time while delivering a high impact service!

Access to the Job Board

We are constantly talking to cafes, bars, and restaurants that are looking for partners to run their campaigns for them. We pass these leads on to our Café Warriors to help you build your business, and help venues find the best service.

Certified Partner Branding

As a Hospo CRM Partner you are entitled to leverage the Certified Partner brand to build credibility and showcase your expertise to your prospective clients. Qualification is simple, and the advantages are significant.

Immediate Start

You receive everything you need to get setup and started online today. You can easily complete the training and sign up your first client’s within 30 days, establishing your business quickly. Allowing you to create your own success and enjoy the freedom of working online immediately.

give it to me straight up!

Here's what other Warriors Have to Say


"Although I enjoy my job I want to build an online business to escape the long hours I currently work and have the freedom to work wherever I want in the world and the chance to see places I haven’t yet seen on my bucket list."

Hannah Wallner |
Australia, living in France


"I'm excited to explore a new venture that is perfect in achieving freedom, becoming a cafe warrior being coached into living a digital nomad lifestyle. It gives me the opportunity to work flexible hours while still maintaining a balanced lifestyle from virtually anywhere."

Shamona Dwyer |
Jamaica, living in Miami, USA

wow, is that everything? nah mate ...


30 Day Action Plan

Crushing it within 30 days. The action plan walks you through the training, the setup of your profiles, and walks you through the resources in the partner portal. Follow the steps and you will easily be setup within 30 days or less.

  • Simple step by step list to keep you on track
  • Engineered to get you up and earning fast!

The 10x Business Plan

You get our secret business model we have been testing over the past 3 months. By following the steps in this bonus training you will easily 10x todays investment within the first 30 days.

  • Secret business model that will 10x your investment
  • Lock in clients for 3 and 6 months!

Partner Pricing

You get partner pricing on venue licenses. That's a massive 80% OFF the retail price. You either pass on the $30 or mark it up and charge your client $100/mth and keep the profit!!

  • Wholesale pricing on venue licenses
  • Resell to your client and keep 100% of the profits
give it to me straight up!

Meet More Warriors....


"I am so excited to be part of the Café Warrior tribe! My real dream is to travel the world and see and experience as much as I can. I am looking forward to be able to combine my skills learnt with the lifestyle of a digital nomad!"

Nikki Skinner |
UK, living in Ibiza, Spain


"I am all about getting uncomfortable and taking risk to get what you desire in life! I am super excited to become a Cafe Warrior. The program will help me start working from anywhere in the world build my dreams and also help others build their dreams!"

Amanda Lawrence |
Louisiana, USA

sound like you?

This BUSINESS for?

This is for you if:

  • You're a digital nomad, a virtual assistant, a freelancer, a college student or a recent graduate looking for an online business that will provide you the freedom to work your own hours from anywhere in the world.
  • You're a hospo worker that wants to earn additional cash to support your bigger dreams.
  • You have struggled in the past getting your online biz off the ground – and are looking for a proven business to support your dream life style.
  • You're passionate about building an online business but don’t know how to transition your skills into a business that creates consistent income online.
  • You’re itching to ditch your current job and build a location-independent business, giving you the freedom to travel.

This isn’t for you if:

  • You want to magically wake up rich tomorrow morning without putting in any effort, without investing time in training, and without building business relationships.
  • You aren’t willing to invest the time and effort into building an online business. The setup of an Agency will require dedicated effort on your part to make your online dreams a reality!
  • You want a passive online business where you do nothing.
  • You want to build an online business by selling a physical online product
give it to me straight up!

Meet More Warriors....


"I have been thoroughly enjoying my time with Shiree and the other Cafe Warriors in my class! We have a lot of fun, I've been learning some really great skills in online marketing, and it's really cool to get to know some terrific ladies from all over the world!"

Julie Robertson |
Indiana, USA


"The modules are simple and easy to follow, yet thorough so you really learn. The live training is great! It sets a great pace and creates an extra environment of support and accountability that helps you really push toward results!! I love it!! I truly believe I'm going to reach my goals and soon."

LaKita Harmon |
Michigan, USA


Run your own online business setting up promos – it’s super easy to get started and is something you can do to earn extra cash whenever it suits you!

Life is short and to spend it slogging it out on something you really don’t love – is not living life as you should!

If you REALLY ARE passionate about working online, love being creative, or just want to make a change to your current situation – you need to take action. You need to explore the things that truly make you happy and go for it.

If you desire the online lifestyle that comes with the freedom of working from anywhere – and on your schedule – then you need to take action right now. With the money back guarantee you have zero risk – you owe it to yourself to take a leap and just give it a go!

If you’re ready to wake up excited and passionate about your life, excited to dive into your work, running a dream online business – then The Cafe Warrior Program is the ONLY system you need to make it happen, fast.

Freedom is just one click away...
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Side Hustle
Payment Plan

$137 today

then 2 mthly payments of $137

  • Job Board Access
  • Promo Specialist Training
  • Profile Setup Training
  • Hospo CRM Partner Access
  • Step by Step Guides
  • Templates and scripts
  • 10x Business Plan
  • 30 Day Action Plan
  • Email Support
Side Hustle
Single Payment

$397 today

single payment

  • Job Board Access
  • Promo Specialist Training
  • Profile Setup Training
  • Hospo CRM Partner Access
  • Step by Step Guides
  • Templates and scripts
  • 10x Business Plan
  • 30 Day Action Plan
  • Email Support

prices in usd and exclude sales tax if applicable

Jess Gibson

Jess Gibson
Success Coach

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