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Julia's Story

My story of trial and error launching a successful online business

Hi my name is Julia, and I am a millennial entrepreneur and online business owner….. FINALLY!


"I hated my office job..."

After college I very quickly learnt I didn’t want to follow the normal path of finding a corporate job. It took me less than 6 months of office work to realise I didn’t want to be tied to a mundane routine of day in and day out. Heck to be honest I didn’t even really know what exactly I wanted to do at the stage. But I did know ONE THING and that was I wanted to be an ENTREPRENEUR!


"...my true dream was an online business...."

Since college I have worked as a life guard, nanny, a receptionist, Uber driver, actually a bunch of odd jobs to support my true dream…. establishing an online business. And it wasn’t easy. Like millions of others I tried building my business around Shopify, then there was a period where I was selling clothes through Poshmark. It was hard work, and although I did actually make some cash – it wasn’t a business.


Then came ….. yep you guessed it …. drop shipping. I was convinced this was how I was going to make my millions. The courses I brought and watched over and over told me as much. Well nope …. that didn’t work either. Oh and there was my body building course, my “career” as a YouTuber lol, my sponsored Instagram posts ….. for all that effort I have very little $$$$ to show for it!!


"...finally some real success..."

My first REAL success came when I started my Virtual Assistant business. Finally I found something that was NEARLY able to pay the bills! I remember my very first job was helping a gym owner in Perth, Australia of all places, format a power point presentation. That’s the beauty of working online. From Bethesda, MD I could sell my services to a customer literally on the other side of the world! I had cracked the code!!! Well sort of!


Virtual Assistant work was fun. I loved helping small business owners. But it was super competitive and finding clients was getting harder and harder. It also wasn't regular work, so there were no guarantees of income each month. But it taught me one important lesson …. after trying and failing so many times - it really is possible to work remotely and make money online!!


"...but I hated finding new clients..."

My experience as a VA was very positive, however in the end the continuous hunt for new clients, the difficulty differentiating myself, and even at times the competitiveness on price, all caused me to pause and take a moment. It was around that time that I read about the promotional specialist opportunities with Hospo CRM and Cafe Warrior from a random connection on LinkedIn.


"...I discovered Hospo CRM and Cafe Warrior...."

Now this was something I understood well!! I had worked in several cafes, and was often having promotional ideas on what we could be doing to increase business. We used to have chats, and although the owner was lovely, and she listened and agreed at the time, she never got around to trying any of my ideas.


So when I read about Hospo CRM and how I could actually provide this service to café’s, I jumped onboard and haven’t looked back.


"...same VA skills but more fun and rewarding..."

I love being creative, and coming up with ideas that I know I would personally love.


My clients think I am a genus - but at times I feel it’s almost fraud. My BIG SECRET or so called “competitive advantage” is I AM THEIR CUSTOMER! I know exactly what promotion would work on me – so it’s kinda a no brainer!!! :)


"... so many clients ... I am turning work down..."

Either way they are more than happy to pay for the results I get them. And again …. the promotions I suggest to them at times seem to be sooooo obvious – every café should be doing this. But as I read somewhere in the Hospo CRM materials – owners just don’t get the time, or just aren’t motivated enough to do it themselves. I get this now. They would much sooner pay someone. Which works out great for us. :) They have so many leads, you never have to worry about finding clients again! 


"... it's was so easy to get started..."

Now I know, (or least hear of), a lot of stories of ladies making killer incomes as VA’s. Six figures even. I believe that’s possible but it must come with a lot of stress, a lot of hours of work, and a hell of a lot of SELLING!


"...it works around my lifestyle and goals..."

For me it wasn’t all about the money but more about the freedom to setup a business that would work around my lifestyle and goals. I wanted to be able to continue to travel and experience all the wonderful people and places that are out there. To be truly happy and in love with life. To have the freedom to say yes to crazy plans at a moment’s notice – and just take off for the week.


All without having to worry about work. As a promotional specialist I have achieved that.


"... I even joined the company ... "

Heck I now actually working part time with Hospo CRM as a success coach. I share my experiences, and advice with new promotional specialists. I help with some of the training content, and frequently do the discovery calls – for those that are just not sure yet and want to know more.


I am loving life right now, (minus the recovering from a broken leg from skiing this winter), everything is amazing. The point I am trying to make here is I HAD THE FREEDOM to go give it a try… but apparently skiing isn’t as easy as it appears on tv! An experience I would recommend you try though – just be more careful than I was! :)  


"you can do this ... get the guide"

If you want to start your story as an online entrepreneur and start living and experiencing more – start by downloading the guide. I am happy to chat with you if you have questions, but that first step you need to take right now is to register your interest below and get the guide.

Author: Julia O'Donnell

Julia O'Donnell  

Julia is a success coach, trainer, and contributor at Café Warrior. Café Warriors work from cafes and remote locations around the world providing a High Impact Service to cafes, bars, and restaurants. To learn more about joining the Café Warrior movement and achieve your digital nomad dream - download our free guide.

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