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Is your mindset holding you back?

And can you do anything about it?

Everyone in business wants to be successful that’s a no brainer! A positive mindset helps turn your dreams into reality. Having the right mindset will help you through your journey to success in business and in life in general.

A bit about ‘Mindset’
Mindsets are simply very strong beliefs that help us achieve and fail. The good news is if we are not happy with our current mindset we have the ability to change it.

‘Fixed Mindsets’ are where people believe they started out (born) with certain abilities, talents, intellect etc that can’t be changed. They believe in the idea you are dealt a hand and that’s your lot in life.

Those that believe anything is possible and that talent and ability can be altered through learning, experiences, interactions etc tend to seek out ways to challenge and grow in different aspects of their lives – these people have what is called a ‘Growth Mindset’.

Benefits of a positive mindset

Those with a positive growth mindset are far more likely to see mistakes and failure as stepping stones along their path to success. This is especially true when it comes to business. They can overcome obstacles easier because they view challenges as something to get around rather than a problem avoid or a reason to give up.

Another benefit of adopting a positive mindset is having a healthier mind and body. Many studies have been done that show a positive mindset and attitude can have a profound impact on recovery times and outcomes. Also studies have shown we are more likely to eat better nutrition, do more exercise and have fewer health complications.

Reduces stress – we all suffer from stress from time to time which can have a huge negative impact on our work lives, our health and even our relationships. Having a positive mindset can help navigate through those stressful times a little or a lot easier.

Mindset in Business
Having the right mindset is super crucial for any type of business success, whether you are part of a large business or a soloepreneur working from home. Mindset will affect your decision making ability in a positive or negative way. A positive mindset is a powerful tool and can bring many benefits to all aspects of your business.

Being able to set and achieve your business goals is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business, the right mindset will help get and keep you on track.

Tips for creating a positive mindset

Dream big and often
Set realistic goals
Be kind to yourself
Always seek the positive
Be open to success

Don’t strive to be positive all the time rather, strive to believe that anything is possible. Try to adopt a growth mindset and work on it each day, set achievable goals and celebrate your wins no matter how small. Be kind to yourself and treat failures as experiences to learn from. With a positive growth mindset anything is possible.

Author: Julia O'Donnell

Julia O'Donnell  

Julia is a success coach, trainer, and contributor at Café Warrior. Café Warriors work from cafes and remote locations around the world providing a High Impact Service to cafes, bars, and restaurants. To learn more about joining the Café Warrior movement and achieve your digital nomad dream - download our free guide.

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