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Am I good enough?

Stop self bullying and choose a new perspective

Have you ever felt not good enough? Felt that aching pain, worry, or anxiety that you are a failure, a fraud, an imposter? That you are just not good enough?

Self bullying is a life limiting disease among millennial's and teens today. Its an unnecessary epidemic that is getting out of control.

It’s not something I ever told anyone at the time, but I have personally struggled with it all my life. And even now it’s difficult to talk about.

I used to think that I was never good enough....

I’m not smart enough.

I’m not rich enough.

I’m not good looking enough.

I didn't have the best upbringing.


It's only been the past few months that I finally realized that I AM enough in every way.

Because I AM ME!

Not single person can offer 100% of what I can offer because I am UNIQUE.

I may not be the most intellectual. I may not have the most money (yet!). I may not be the best looking or have the perfect upbringing .....

.... but someone I have always looked up to said something to me recently that jolted me. It hit me like a ton of bricks. It really shocked me and made me stop and realize – I am not nearly as worthless as I used to tell myself.

She told me she was JEALOUS or ENVIOUS of ME!!

I was like WHAT??? ME? What the hell are you talking about girl!!!!

But after listening to what she said - it got me thinking. I might not be all those things I kept measuring myself against and losing - but ....

.... I AM a go getter. I AM independent. I have MORE than just looks. I lead my life with LOVE. I AM a globe trotter. I am an ENTREPRENEUR and a DIGITAL NOMAD. And I LOVE to help people.

This is me!

The moment you really accept your insecurities and focus on all of your strong points - is the moment you become unstoppable!

If you're reading this then I want you to do two things:
1. Stop focusing on what you are NOT
2. AND start focusing on the strong points that makes you UNIQUELY YOU?


You are special. A unique individual who can conquer the world if you want to.

Don’t let your mind bully you. My thoughts were so mean to me all those years. It limited so many of my choices. I would shy away from taking risks, being adventurous.

If you let your insecurities take over your life you'll be stuck in that thinking of never being good enough, and you'll never be able to live to your full potential because of it.

So remember, YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH. You can do whatever you set your mind to. You can achieve anything.

You just need to take a moment .... look inward .... identify what makes you uniquely you .... your strong points ... and look at things from a different perspective.

I hope with a little bit of reflection and talking with friends - you too will realize YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!

I hope this little insight into my struggle - helps someone else. :)


Author: Julia O'Donnell

Julia O'Donnell  

Julia is a success coach, trainer, and contributor at Café Warrior. Café Warriors work from cafes and remote locations around the world providing a High Impact Service to cafes, bars, and restaurants. To learn more about joining the Café Warrior movement and achieve your digital nomad dream - download our free guide.

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