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"How to Earn $$$ Setting Up Promos for Cafes, Bars and Restaurants!"

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"How to Get Paid for Setting Up Promos for Cafes, Bars and Restaurants!"

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Learn how to run your own flexible and successful online business creating fun and exciting online campaigns for cafes, bars and restaurants.

We provide the Training, the Software, and even the Clients!

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Presented by Emily Crooke

Emily shares a client case study and then walks you through the exact steps to setup and run the campaign - PLUS covers how much you should charge for it!

What You Will Learn On This Training

Client Case Study

Learn how a single campaign turned around a clients midday lunch sales.

Live Demo

Watch as we setup the exact promo used in the case study in under 10 minutes.

What To Charge

Learn what's possible and what others are charging monthly for this simple service.