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together let's build your dream online business!


Café Warriors work from cafes and remote locations around the world providing a HIGH IMPACT SERVICE to cafes, bars, and restaurants. With the Café Warrior incubator you too can earn a consistent online income that will give you location and financial independence.


  • 1 year of Café Warrior SIDE HUSTLE subscription
  • The exact steps to setup your OWN ONLINE BUSINESS
  • 20 Instructor lead LIVE TRAINING sessions
  • Content specifically for NEW FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS
  • The TOOLS and SOFTWARE to run and scale your business
  • The SUPPORT to sign your first clients and START EARNING

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NOTE: Enrolment is limited to 12 Warriors per incubator to ensure MAXIMUM IMPACT and ULTIMATE WARRIOR SUCCESS!


Criteria for successful selection

  • Must complete the application form
  • Must have 5+ hours per week free to work on your Café Warrior income
  • Must be highly MOTIVATED to improve your situation
  • Must be able to benefit from the opportunity
  • Must be willing to do the work to change your circumstances!

Week 1

Day 1:
Introductions and What's to Come

We get to know each other and get organized into our teams before jumping right in. We start with a quick overview of what’s to come plus some of the common terms we will be using throughout the course.

Day 2:
Calculating Your Escape Velocity

You have probably heard us talk about this before ... today we go around the room and share our personal ESCAPE VELOCITY and learn everyone’s ultimate WHY behind their goals.

Day 3:
Digital Nomad Tips

Shiree shares her digital nomad story and answers your questions about living, travelling and earning as you go. We talk visas, the cost of living, staying safe, everything you might have been wondering about!

Day 4:
Selling Impact - Not Time

In today’s lesson we once again dive into the concept of selling IMPACT, and the difference that will allow you to sell thousand dollar gigs – instead of selling your time for dollars at a time!

Day 5:
Self Motivation and Life Purpose

We all suffer from a lack of motivation at times. Today we explore the lessons from an international expert in motivation, and business psychologist, on what motivates us. We use these personal findings to then define our own "life purpose" so we can align our goals with our emotions, values, and beliefs.

Week 2

Day 6:
Planning & Finding Your Niche

We explore which business model is right for you, explore different niches to specialise in, and put together your marketing, sales and action plans.

Day 7:
Positioning and Your Elevator Pitch

We talk about the importance of positioning, and establishing yourself as an expert. We share the formula to the ultimate elevator pitch and together practice our pitches and refine them to be second nature.

Day 8:
Self Love

Today we follow the blue print from our self love expert and café warrior advisor to explore WHO you actually are, pinpoint what is WORKING, and uncover all the ‘stuff’ that is GETTING IN THE WAY.

Day 9:
Building your Sales Funnel

Today we commence the setup of your sales funnel, we discuss the setup of your social media profiles for max impact, and create a hyper compelling call to action for your lead capture process.

Day 10:
Anxiety and the art of Mindfulness

Anxiety is a major epidemic in today’s modern world. Today we discuss anxiety and explore the art of Mindfulness. We pull from it some of the simple techniques that can help us in times when things get overwhelming and we feel we can’t cope.

Week 3

Day 11:
Sales Training for the non Sales Professional

The saying goes you can have the best product or service in the world but you don’t have a business until you SELL something. Not everyone is comfortable selling but the fact is as a business owner you are going to have to master sales. It is that important that we devote 4 days to teach you a technique that even the most introvert and shy person can use to become a masterful salesperson.

Day 12:
Sales Conversations Part 2

We build on our understanding of trust and why people buy - by introducing the 5 step process anyone can use to instantly build report and trust in a single conversation. Plus we set a fun and life changing home work assignment that will open your eyes to the possibilities.

Day 13:
Mindset and Self Confidence

We discuss the CRITICAL IMPORTANCE of setting ourselves up for maximum success with a positive and winning mindset. We turn up the confidence to 1000% and squash all limiting beliefs and negative self talk that will hold us back.

Day 14:
Sales Conversations Part 3

We learn demand creating techniques, how to engage, educate and nurture leads, and how to build credibility and interest in our prospects mind.

Day 15:
Sales Conversations Part 4

We concluded SALES WEEK with more team practice and role playing, rehearsing closings, and mastering the difficult art of listening.

Week 4

Day 16:
Running your 1st Campaign

Your BUSINESS and more importantly YOU are READY .... together we pour all our new skills and passion into your first campaign.

Day 17:
Retention and Raving Fans

We learn the keys to retaining our new customer’s long term, and how to turn our first successes into MULTIPLE more successes and build a solid consistent income business.

Day 18:
Personal Branding

As the incubator draws to an end we invite an expert in personal branding to share her secrets and tips that you can implement immediately to improve your social profiles, critique profiles and offer individual advice.

Day 19:
Scaling Up

And finally it is time to discuss going large – if that’s your thing. We learn the various ways you can easily scale your new business into a six figure empire!

Day 20:

YOU MADE IT! On the last day of the incubator we reflect on everything we have learnt, explore some of the life changing lessons, and which days were the most VALUABLE for YOU over our 30 day journey. We leave you to continue to THRIVE and GROW with the support of your fellow graduates as you continue your story in your NEW FREEING reality of location and financial independence!


January 13th, 2020

Applications close December 31st

The Café Warrior Mission

To help 2,000 women over the next 3 years find the perfect service, tools and confidence to reach ESCAPE VELOCITY and break free of their previous situation to live a life full of abundance by working online.